About me


MJ Ornaments are handmade from vintage images found from old photos, postcards, cookbooks and atlases.  The image is then placed under beveled glass, sometimes embellished with glitter, and hand soldered with a silvery frame.  Enjoy displaying your ornament on a wall, knob, cabinet, antique bottle, or anywhere you want to add beauty to your home.  Enjoy your created piece, handmade with love in Carlsbad, CA.


Meet the designer

Hi I'm Martha, the creator of MJ Ornaments.  I've been making things since I can remember, and love what I do.  I'm drawn to anything vintage or sparkly!  I live in California, am married to my best friend who helps me do this, have 3 adult kids and 2 grandchildren.  When I'm not making soldered signs, I'm riding my bike down the coast or holding my grandkids.  I love God, and became a Christian when I was 24.  After reading the book of Mark in the Bible, finding out Jesus is God made me believe in God for the first time in my life.  It's been an amazing ride, and I'm excited you're here. Thanks for stopping by!



MJ Ornaments